Our Classes

Piano & Keyboard Tuition
Drums & Latin Percussion
Sax, Clarinet & Flute
Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Violin & Okinawan Shanshin

Beginner Level

From age 5 up. Build a solid basic musical foundation by learning about such concepts as beat, rhythm, dexterity, pitch, tempo and more!

Intermediate Level

Chords, scales, arpeggios, improvisations, solos

Advanced Level

1. Understand notes on various music staffs.
2. Understanding the Major and Minor qualities of scales and chords.
3. Knowing all the interval distances between notes.
4. Building triads and 7th chords off of a scale.
5. Reading all the Major and Minor sharp and flat keys.
6. Understanding and executing various rhythm patterns.
7. Building modes off of a scale.
8. Putting chords into progressions.
9. Knowing what scales can be played with those progressions.
10. Understanding various ways to modulate harmony.


Learn to play by ear

A direct approach that stresses on just playing by ear. Learn to figure the key, chord progressions used in your favorite songs. Learn chord structures, scales, solos